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The Region of Murcia is located in the southeastern part of Spain, on the Mediterranean coast. The region is 11,313 km2 (4,368 sq mi) in area and had a population of 1,5 millon inhabitants.

Because of its warm and sunny climate, the Region has a long growing season suitable for agriculture, and a perfect environment for touristic industry, attracting foreign visitors to know more about us or even to live here. The region is among Europe’s largest producers of fruits and vegetables, with an important Agrifood Industry. An emerging tourism sector is concentrated on its Mediterranean coastline, which features the ‘Mar Menor’ saltwater lagoon. Industries include the petrochemical and energy sector (centered in Cartagena), with an important cluster of industries related to Defense.

The Smart Specialisation Strategy RIS4 Region of Murcia and the Caetra Programme, led by the Regional Development Agency , aim to promote R&D, innovation, technology entrepreneurship and International Cooperation and Technology Transfer in dual-use technologies for Defense, as well as in Security and Post-disaster rebuilding, benefiting from EU ERDF and ESF co-funding.

Tradition and Innovation in the Defense Sector

Historically, the Region of Murcia has always had a profound commitment to the defence sector, with a number of military bases scattered across its geography. Our military bases in San Javier, Alcantarilla and Cartagena illustrate how deeply rooted the defence sector and the armed forces are in the Region of Murcia.

Submarino S-81 Cartagena

The Region of Murcia is currently a member of the European Network of Defence-related Regions through the Regional Development Agency, an entity under the Regional Government, which fosters regional growth and competitiveness by promoting economy, increasing investment, removing obstacles, and establishing an environment which favours competitiveness.

Navantia, a spanish world-leading marine engineering company, develops its S80 submarine series in Cartagena, which is a clear example of the existing potential in the Region of Murcia.

Universities from the Region of Murcia, such as the Public Polytechnical University of Cartagena (UPCT) leading specific actions in the defence sector, such as the Doctorate in Dual-use Technology and Security Management Systems, as well as the creation of spin-off companies. Worth mentioning is the University Defence Centre (CUD) at the General Air Academy (AGA) in San Javier.

Dron en vuelo con operarios
A pole for Security Technologies
Security represents a great opportunity for the Region of Murcia to attract and retain talent and business investments, as well as to create new companies with innovative business models.

Our emerging Security Ecosystem offers you an opportunity to find innovative solutions and partners to go further in Security Products. Check out our Catalog of Solutions.

Moreover, the Region of Murcia is the best place for establishing industries, start-ups, scientists and other experts dealing with technologies for Security.

Committed to Post-disaster rebuilding & Development

The Region of Murcia knows well about the impact of an intense earthquake or a flooding as a result of heavy showers and storms, and has developed a technology and talent background which can helps others. That is why we are committed to post-disaster rebuilding after a natural catastrophe or as a result of a belic conflicto. We are also capable of providing solutions to developing / least-developed countries.

Find technology solutions and partners in Agrifood, Water / Environment, Furniture, Building Hábitat, Advanced ICT and much more in our Catalog.

Foto aérea de la dana del Mar Menor
A sound Regional Ecosystem is boosting CAETRA Programme, led by the Regional Development Agency (Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia), an entity under the Regional Government, which fosters economic growth and competitiveness in the Region of Murcia (Spain) by promoting economy, increasing investment, removing obstacles, and establishing an environment which favours competitiveness.
Public and private agents include the following: